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Update: Read more on Destructoid!

Fran Bow 8_30_2015 10_00_20 AM

In an effort to expand the audience and learn more about games writing, our work also will appear on the community blogs of Destructoid.

The plan is to write bite-sized, as-we-go analysis of games on Destructoid, and more thorough reviews here at The Travisionist.

We’ll begin with a look at Fran Bow, which can be found at our Destructoid page.

I’m pleased to begin writing there with such an intriguing story on my hands!

In Its Infancy: Secrets of Grindea

2015-08-26 02_56_13-Secrets of Grindea

Do want.

I highly recommend anyone with even the slightest shred of love for the Secret of Mana to download the demo for  Secrets of Grindea. Read the rest of this entry

Gather ‘Round and Avoid: Hero Siege

2015-08-25 06_45_55-Hero Siege

Feels unfinished despite grinding for hours

Brandishing dual pistols, I charge into the wavering image of a forest far from this country village. Transferring through the portal sets my teeth on edge, but my attention returns to the task at hand as wave upon wave of twisted creatures converge on my position.

And then another wave after wave. And another. And another. And… next game.

Thus we are introduced to Hero Siege, a hack ‘n’ slash RPG with roguelike elements — because if it ain’t roguelike, it ain’t indie, it seems — initially published in January 2014 by Panic Art Studios.

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Editorial: Why Yandere Simulator Wins The Internet

2015-08-21 07_28_43-Yandere Simulator Debug Build

It has it all. Girls. Girls in skirts. Panty shots. Obsessive love-behavior. Effeminate guys. Blood. Murder. Guitar cases.

If you haven’t heard of Yandere Simulator, you might be a well-balanced contributor to society. If you have, chances are you’re a YouTube gaming aficionado. Either way, allow me to explain to you why this pre-alpha freak show may be the most interesting spin on a genre since Saints Row 2 turned the GTA-clone subgenre into comedy gold.

I mean no exaggeration.

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Give a Shot: The Charnel House Trilogy

I feel the need to narrate my life as usual, but it seems the protagonist is doing that for me today. Therefore, please enjoy this hypothetical invisible puppy.

Innit she cute?

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Video: Manos, The Hands of Fate

So Manos: The Hands of Fate, Director’s Cut doesn’t suck, exactly. It simply suffers from Battletoads’ “Turbo Tunnel Syndrome” after a while. Check out the video!

In Its Infancy: Tsioque, recommended

2015-08-03 10_54_37-Tsioque

In short, play it. In long, no really, play it.

Mom, don’t go. Stay. I have a bad feeling. Don’t leave me here.

Don’t leave me with that scary thing.

If he tries something like taking over the castle, I won’t have any choice but to cute-with-attitude his stupid face until he cries for his own mommy!

And honestly, I’d rather just spend the day with you, mom.

Tsioque (pronounced “sYAWK” by the way) is a charming adventure game from Polish team OhNoo Studio currently hopping about on Kickstarter, and it’s absolutely worth your time.  Read the rest of this entry

Video: Avoid Sakura Clicker

Even though it’s a pointless fee-to-pay racket, it’s still better than UnitZ/PoxelZ/ChoreZ and so forth.