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How Undertale ruins Dragon Age (2)

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The opening period


The PS3 version of inquisition is a mess, but it weaknesses are so much more than that. I have heard on many occasions from fans of the game that, “The game gets good, but it takes a few hours to get there.”

I find this inexcusable. There is no reason I should be thrust into the role of yet another brand-new character with yet another case of amnesia in the middle of yet another good vs. evil struggle with political implications, be given a vague idea of what’s going on and then, quite out of nowhere, be treated as if I am acting commander of an armed force and nation rebuilding effort.

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How Undertale ruins Dragon Age (1)

Before we begin, please allow me to offer somewhat sincere apologies for the duration of my absence. So much can happen in the course of a few months. New friends appear, old ones fade away, opportunities rise and opportunities fall. I believe it’s reasonable to suggest posts here will become more regular, but less frequent than previously as I continue to work on my programming degree.


With that out of the way, there is a topic that’s percolated in my braincase over the course of these months, and that is the Internet gaming community’s new God, Undertale.

In particular, I’d like to discuss Undertale as a point of contrast and describe how this silly little pixel RPG has ruined my interest in the genre as a whole. If it pleases the court, allow me to present exhibits A and B. I will provide a brief spoiler-free description of both, but each game is old enough that its base should be familiar with the material.

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