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Afterbirth+: The Crying Game



Here we are again, and my God, never has it been so evident that it’s time to move on.


The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ plays like a cry for help.

Ever since those halcyon days of, The Binding Of Isaac has been high on my list of must-plays on the indie circuit. With an absolutely unique aesthetic that plays like the bastard child of Jacob’s Ladder and The Legend of Zelda, Isaac’s bleak lore twists along with a load of sophomoric in-jokes into a ¬†bloodstained double helix of good god this metaphor is getting bloated, isn’t it?

See what happens when you cram too much into a good thing?

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Gather ‘Round and Avoid: Hero Siege

2015-08-25 06_45_55-Hero Siege

Feels unfinished despite grinding for hours

Brandishing dual pistols, I charge into the wavering image of a forest far from this country village. Transferring through the portal sets my teeth on edge, but my attention returns to the task at hand as wave upon wave of twisted creatures converge on my position.

And then another wave after wave. And another. And another. And… next game.

Thus we are introduced to Hero Siege, a hack ‘n’ slash RPG with roguelike elements — because if it ain’t roguelike, it ain’t indie, it seems — initially published in January 2014 by Panic Art Studios.

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Video: Avoid Sakura Clicker

Even though it’s a pointless fee-to-pay racket, it’s still better than UnitZ/PoxelZ/ChoreZ and so forth.

Gather ‘Round and Avoid: Sage Fusion

Come for the visuals, stay for the sleeping aid

Blaster bolts scorch past me and burst into schizoid fireflies against the wall. Safety only barely exists behind cover, but the enemy closes in even as I suck down adrenaline-flavored breaths. Why I brought a sword to this battle I never will understand.

I’m ready to pivot around the corner as the enemy approaches. Florence’s rail cannon glimmers, locked and loaded. Their steps clap closer. We cannot avoid this fight.

Welcome to the world of Sage Fusion, a hybrid RPG/visual novel that entrances with delightful visuals and thumping music before trundling headlong off a cliff composed of exposition and blank expressions. Chapter one is free at GameJolt, but the second chapter is for sale over at Itch.

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Gather ‘Round and Avoid: Galagan’s Island

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Normally, I would open a review with a paragraph or two written in flowery prose, describing events as if I were the protagonist of the game.

With Galagan’s Island, a retro(ish) space shmup currently awaiting votes on Steam Greenlight, there’s no time for that. With n’ary a moment for transition from title to gameplay, we are thrust into some old-school top-down action.

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