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Review: Catch the plague, have a blast!

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Mona is a better developed character than Shield Knight, but a better character?

The more things change, wheeee!

The critical question one must ask when diving into Shovel Knight’s well-received Plague of Shadows DLC is the followin–

— actually, one should pretty much stuff it and enjoy the game, considering it’s an entire game, equal in length and depth to Shovel Knight itself, for free.

But alchemy’s a field of details, so we may as well give it a good old-fashioned study.

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Marvel at: Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight 4

Without her, I am but a shell. The world around me moves on, though, suffering for her loss as I have. I am called to serve once again, just a tool in the grasp of another.

What is a knight to do, when fate buries him so deeply?

He digs.

I must admit I’m late to the party re: Shovel Knight, a retro platformer famed for its successful Kickstarter launch as well as its sense of style. With the release of the (free!) Plague Knight DLC, though, I decided my well of excuses to avoid this game had run quite dry.

The opus of Yacht Club Games received favorable reviews from a wide range of professional and amateur sources, many citing its color palette and fresh take on a beloved genre. By all accounts, it seemed excellent.

So why did I avoid it?

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Gather and Play: Caster’s Trap

Gather and Play: Mermaid Swamp, part 3

Video: Mermaid Swamp, part 2

In Its Infancy: Secrets of Grindea

2015-08-26 02_56_13-Secrets of Grindea

Do want.

I highly recommend anyone with even the slightest shred of love for the Secret of Mana to download the demo for  Secrets of Grindea. Read the rest of this entry

Editorial: Why Yandere Simulator Wins The Internet

2015-08-21 07_28_43-Yandere Simulator Debug Build

It has it all. Girls. Girls in skirts. Panty shots. Obsessive love-behavior. Effeminate guys. Blood. Murder. Guitar cases.

If you haven’t heard of Yandere Simulator, you might be a well-balanced contributor to society. If you have, chances are you’re a YouTube gaming aficionado. Either way, allow me to explain to you why this pre-alpha freak show may be the most interesting spin on a genre since Saints Row 2 turned the GTA-clone subgenre into comedy gold.

I mean no exaggeration.

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Video: Manos, The Hands of Fate

So Manos: The Hands of Fate, Director’s Cut doesn’t suck, exactly. It simply suffers from Battletoads’ “Turbo Tunnel Syndrome” after a while. Check out the video!

Editorial: Five Nights at Freddy’s eats/saves children, apparently

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If ever you’d like to see the nature of Internet commenting and issue-camping displayed in micro, I suggest looking up any YouTube video about the jumpscare-ridden furryfest that is Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Never have I seen such a polarized set of camps. Those who adore the screeching animatronic killers do so with cultish resolve; those who profess hatred for the Fazbear franchise dismiss it outright with such ivory tower condescension one can nearly hear the clink of their high-society wine glasses. Read the rest of this entry

Gather ‘Round And Marvel At: Being Her Darkest Friend

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At times obtuse, an entry worth your while

I can’t breathe. It’s dark. My eyelids, my eyes won’t open. There’s a tapping, muffled, somewhere not so far away but my jaw has clamped unbearably tight, so tight my teeth tremble and ache.

I can hear crackling, something dusty plinking off something dirty. Tap, tap, tap. I don’t know if I’m alive, dead or in between. The shadows saturate my skin, my hair, my fingertips. Tap, crack, crack.

Is light coming? Or are my eyes dying?

I knew precious little of what to expect from Chronerion‘s “Being Her Darkest Friend” when I snagged it from Gamejolt.¬†Going in, I made a conscious choice to avoid reading the blurb and anything that might tell me more than I wanted to know up front.

Unfortunately, my attempt to maintain the purity of the experience created an interesting hang-up: I had no idea this game was a successor to Chronerion’s previous effort,A Fragment of Her“, until after I popped back over to the developer’s GameJolt page to grab some hyperlinks.

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